Notice to Skylab Clients

We’re upgrading our SKYLAB plans for 2020!

Over the last few years, Satellite Six’s popular SKYLAB Website Maintenance & Hosting service has grown in ways I hadn’t imagined. I appreciate your business and hope that you, like so many others using the service, have found value in hands-free website assistance, security, and unlimited content updates.

I’m excited to announce we’re upgrading SKYLAB service with new plans and requested add-on features. These plans will be available soon, and we’ll be announcing more as the time comes.

We appreciate your being a SKYLAB customer, and if you prefer not to upgrade, your plan will continue to be available to you.

Our first step in upgrading service is to move you to our new SKYLAB dashboard, an improved hub for managing your support and update requests. Over the next few weeks, we will complete our server migration to enable this new dashboard and will keep you informed.

We do not anticipate downtime for most sites during this migration. In the event there is a DNS update needed that could impact service, our team will be contacting you directly to schedule migration to minimize disruption to your business. Any downtime that occurs is anticipated to be minimal, ranging from a few minutes to 2 hours.

If you have questions regarding this upgrade, I’d love to hear from you, and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to with our new client dashboard and upgraded SKYLAB service.

Laura Benjamin
Creative Director & Owner
Satellite Six