Rebranding with Satellite Six

Beautiful Graphic Design | Perserving Company Values

Why Rebranding?

A business’s brand consists of all touch points that come into contact with any current or potential customers. Contrary to popular belief, a logo is not a brand. From logos, stationary, and marketing materials, to the website design and functionality, we work with you to preserve brand equity. This means your existing brand isn’t lost to your customers after rebranding. Preserving the importance of your company’s values, we visually present your business in a way that’s attractive and appealing.

Developing a Creative Brief

Any good creative brief will include the marketing objective(s), target audience(s), key selling point, competition, and how we will evaluate success. By developing and following through with this process, we will ensure that your rebranding efforts will not only be visually appealing, but strategic and intentional.

Return on Investment

Rebranding can be done for many reasons, and usually it involves the want and/or need for company growth. Whether it reflects a change in the business model, involves announcing technological advances, or includes new segments or target audiences, rebranding will result in substantial return on investment for you company. By keeping your brand fresh, your consumers will feel more comfortable buying or using your product or service.



We pay special attention to encode message and brand equity in the graphic design process, that your brand seeks to communicate to your audience.

Free Consultation

Let’s talk, on us! We offer a free 30-minute strategy session to discuss your current marketing plan and what Satellite Six can do to assist you with your rebranding efforts. No obligation. Just brainstorming!

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