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Here’s what you need to know:

How much will it cost?

We think you’ll find our prices quite reasonable for first-rate brand design work. “Average” isn’t in our wheelhouse. We are all about putting together a fantastic end product for you, and making sure you get a great result no matter your budget.

You’ll see we ask below about the approximate budget, but ask our past clients and they’ll tell you we don’t change our prices based on what you have available to invest. In fact, we ask because it helps us focus on what’s most important to get into the final product. As your personal brand consultant, we ensure that each client of ours gets what they need to make their business succeed. From logo design to complete brand management, we’ll find the package that’s right for you.

What should I expect?

Come to our office for a half-hour, prepared to talk in regards to your current brand and project idea. We want to learn everything about what you want to put together, how it will help your company and brand, and what we are capable of doing to make your vision a reality.

Our process after this is to pull together a proposal for how we’ll go about building your project. But we’re not done learning – after we’re ready to move forward with the project we’ll want to learn everything you know concerning your market, your audience, and your competition. (We even go out and do additional research as part of the project, if you’d like!)

From there we’ll introduce you to our complete brand consultant, brand management and production process and get to the business of making the project happen.

Our Goal

Our goal at Satellite Six is to treat each unique project like an investment in the sales, marketing, and communications of your business. As your personal brand consultant, we work hard to make you not only look good, but to provide you with a tool that helps further engage your customers and meets your communication goals. If that’s a sentiment you can get behind, we’ll be a great fit.