Top 10 Design Trends In 2016

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Design trends change rapidly, and as web designers, it’s helpful to know what the current and upcoming trends are so you can stay ahead of the competition and exceed client expectations. Now that we’re officially four months into 2016, we are excited to share the latest modern design trends with you! Although it was hard […]

Should Your Business Be Blogging?

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It seems as though there’s an ongoing conversation about whether businesses should be blogging or not. Companies are constantly wondering if writing a blog post several times a week is worth the extra time and additional effort. The short answer? Yes! Blogging on a persistent basis is an inexpensive (and rather easy) way to amplify […]

2015: A Year To Remember

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As 2015 quickly comes to an end, we can’t help but reflect on the outstanding year Satellite Six has had. From the big move out of our initial downtown headquarters, to serving lots of great new clients, we’ve achieved much success for ourselves and our clients. After an awesome Grand Re-Opening party and 5 years […]

Eau Claire Startup Weekend Success Story

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Eau Claire Startup Weekend is a weekend-long, marathon event where entrepreneurs can go to learn the basics of founding a startup business & launching successful ventures. As an entrepreneur himself, Owner and Creative Director of Satellite Six, Ben Stroinski, was honored to have been a part of the Eau Claire Startup Weekend in October of this year. […]

Freedom Through Limitation

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Setting Expectations and Limitations in a Design Brief Successful design implementation is about the whole, not the parts. If you wear a $2,000 suit with the wrong pair of shoes, you’ll be remembered for the shoes and not the suit. Inconsistency raises doubt, and doubt makes people wary.  Successful design means doing a few things really, […]